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"Benefits are an important way to attract and retain key talent."

— Julie Stich

Traditional benefits meet cutting-edge technology

While employee benefits packages are essential, the paperwork and enrollment period is quite taxing on employers. Once the enrollment period passes, staff members often forget what exactly they signed up for until a medical need arises.

Take the stress out of benefits management. Altus Consulting Group offers a great, online system that allows your employees to login from a computer or mobile phone to a safe, branded portal, where they can access key information. Not only are medical benefits available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but the portal becomes an Intranet for posting internal documents, company events, employee handbooks and more. Need to see which employees haven’t read the latest 401k notice? Employers can easily run a report to see who hasn’t opened files and then follow up with those individuals.

Greatly reduce your paperwork and conduct open enrollment through the portal to streamline your team’s efforts. An added advantage for the employer is that this online system is complimentary to Altus Consulting Group’s clients using our employee benefits services. Since Altus Consulting Group already has access to your employees’ data, there’s no need to re-enter or upload your employees’ information in the system. It’s already there in a snap with no added costs.